The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.10: Go Home, Neighbour Kids


“Hmm…I wonder where Puzzle got to? The last time we hung out was before prom…”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! No fooling around here – it’s an update! Before we start though, a quick PSA – over at Boolprop, a bunch of us are starting a Joint Sims 3 Legacy! Looks like I’m going to be taking care of the second generation, and some other great folks are involved too. Sign-ups are closed now, but if you want to be put on the wait list in case someone needs to drop out, or if you want to follow along, check out the Boolprop thread!

Alright, back to Sims silliness now! Last time Natalie became a teenager, Manfred was the best weird kid, Mitchell was an adorable big brother, Hestia became a child, and Natalie and Mitchell had a horrid time at prom. The adults also accomplished things, I guess, but the kids are really where it’s at!

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.9: It’s Just Instinct


“Come on Hestia! Just say something, anything! Please, I’m begging you!”

“Heeeeee beeeeeegggggg….”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Yup, updates are still slow. Seriously, I’ve been busy working and socializing in offline settings, like some sort of freak. Anyway, since tomorrow (that’s March 20, 2016, which is actually in fifteen minutes as I’m publishing this at 11:45 pm on March 19) is my third legaversary and I have no other plans tonight, have an update! Three years of the Scatterdays, holy shit! :O Anyways, let’s get on with this update, as it has a few things that people want to see, I think (like Natalie becoming a teenager!).

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.8: Flopping Around


“Alright, Manfred, it’s time for lunch! Sit in the high chair, now.”


“It’s safe, I promise!”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! It’s been a few weeks TWO MONTHS HOLY CRAP, and I have to catch up with some many things in the Sims community, but I’m still here, damn it! Turns out that when you stare at a computer screen all day for money, staring at a computer screen is the last thing you want to do for leisure. Before we get started, I thought you should know that the Scatterdays were nominated for two Golden Plumbobs over at Boolprop: Best Sims 3 Legacy and Funniest Sims 3 Story! Thank you so, so much to whoever nominated me! The Scatterdays didn’t win, but one of the winners was The Dysfunkshinul Legacy, and frankly I just can’t compete with that. 😛 (Go read it, it is seriously fantastic.) If you’re interested checking out other Golden Plumbob winners or joining the forum, you can do that over yonder.

Anyway, let’s get back to some legacy silliness, shall we? Last time everyone had a birthday, Griselda was publicly disgraced, and Callie and Heimrich had their fourth and final child, a daughter named Hestia.

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.7: Okay, Stop. Everyone Go Up A Shirt Size!


“La la la…playin’ wif my best friend…”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! If you celebrate it, I hope you had a great Christmas! I really want to make some progress on my legacy – I’d like to knock out at least two more generations in 2016, depending on my schedule, so let’s continue on with Callie’s generation. One last legacy update for 2015! Last time, Natalie aged into a toddler and bonded with her Imaginary Friend Puzzle, Mitchell grew into a child, and a third child, a boy named Manfred, was born.

Spoiler alert for this chapter: birthdays, man. So many birthdays. Hence, the title, which is one of my favourite riffs from Werewolf, Natalie’s namesake episode.

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.6: Cheese Gave Her Strength


“Ah, little Natalie! Aren’t you perfect! I hardly want to steal candy from you.”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Sorry for the bit of a delay in chapters. I just started a new job, so that plus visiting my boyfriend’s family and general being busy kind of put a damper on my plan to finish Callie’s generation by the end of the year. Unless I churn out like seven more updates in the next two weeks, which probably won’t happen. ~Oh well~

Anyway, a quick recap before we move on. Last time Mitchell grew into a toddler and little Natalie here was born. That’s about it. Let’s see what the family gets up to this time around! Continue reading

The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.5: I’d Rather Rummage Through Your Trash



“Augh! Here, drink this! This is what you want, right? Babies are so tough to deal with!”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Things are changing at the legacy house. Last time Callie discovered that she was pregnant, Heimrich had concerns about becoming a dad, Griselda was highly inappropriate, and Callie gave birth to the first member of Generation 5, little Mitchell. I’ve got all the pictures organized for this generation, and I want to finish Callie’s generation by the end of the year, so let’s get to it!

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.4: Delicious Pancakes


“Eeeee I’m married! I still can’t believe this is real!”

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! I’m trying to jump back on to the updating wagon, so here is Chapter 4.4. Last time Heimrich had to win over Griselda, there was a burglar, and Callie and Heimrich got married!

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.3: I Do Have Muscles, You Know


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Okay, so there was kind of a month-long hiatus, but I swear it was for a very, very good reason. See, I was off scrambling to finish the last bits of my degree, then celebrating a lot because I am finally, finally finished my MA! And now I have FREE TIME and I can DO NOTHING without feeling guilty for the first time since…well, basically since I was in high school. After finishing up I’ve basically been playing other video games (like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon), watching sports (hockey is back, and my boyfriend has been watching lots of baseball because of the Blue Jays), eating lots of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, and avoiding the horror known as job hunting. Writing hasn’t seemed appealing to me, even if it’s silly legacy writing, because I spent a long time writing serious academic things, and my brain is kind of burned out now. Womp. Anyway I figured a legacy update was long overdue, so here we are!

Last time Callie and Heimrich the bouncer got engaged, then he finally moved into the legacy house. This update starts will Callie going back to bed, because she is not a morning person. (Much like me.)

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.2: Enter The Bouncer


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Last time the family adjusted to Bridgeport, Frankie and Josie moved out, Griselda and Angelo were extremely inappropriate, and Callie met a handsome bouncer named Heimrich.

This time we’re starting off with Angelo enjoying a leisurely waffle breakfast on the patio.

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The Scatterday Matriarchy 4.1: Woohoo and the City


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Yes, I am updating again after…oh, it’s only been about a week. Well, I have some precious downtime once again, so that means it’s time to sit on my patio, drink a beer, and craft an update! Last time, the triplets aged into Young Adults, graduated, and the family moved to Bridgeport where the girls will start off their new adventures as adults…..on an empty lot…

Well, this certainly won’t do.

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