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I’ve decided to upload the Scatterdays to my Exchange page and/or to Mediafire in case anyone is in need of Sims for a story or a legacy. As of this posting (10/1/13) I have the base game, World Adventures, Late Night, and Generations installed, so the Sims should work if you have that EP or later. I have introduced custom content into my game, but none of the Scatterdays here use any yet. If the Sims don’t work, let me know and I can see what I can do. New Scatterdays will be uploaded when they hit YA.

I do have some conditions for use:

Terms of Use

  • Please credit me for the creation of the Sim – claiming that you created something while someone else did is a dick move.
  • If you add one of my Sims to your story/legacy/challenge, please let me know how they’re doing! If you’re publishing your story/legacy/challenge online, send me a link! If you’re not, leave a comment here, on the Scatterday Boolprop thread, or PM me on Boolprop if you don’t want to share publicly (you’ll need an account there to do so).
  • You can give these Sims any makeover you want! They might enjoy a change of style!

With all that said, here are the Scatterdays, some pictures of them, and their stats!

Generation One

Ainsley Scatterday – Founder





Traits: Overemotional, Family-Oriented, Athletic, Natural Cook, Good Sense of Humour
Favourites: Indie Music, Lilac, Sushi
Zodiac: Virgo
Spouse: George Dean

Ainsley married Riverview’s George Dean after a very brief courtship. She had five kids with him, and became the author of many respected works, including the classic Poppin’ Some TagsAinsley is a blast to play and she pulls many great faces.

Download Ainsley (Exchange)
Download Ainsley (Mediafire)

Generation Two

Dean Scatterday – Spare




(Top picture as YA, bottom two as a teen.)

Traits:  Absent-Minded, Daredevil, No Sense Of Humour, Ambitious, Clumsy, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Favourites: Latin Music, Pink, Vegetarian Grilled Salmon
Zodiac: Taurus
Spouse: Unknown/None Yet
* Outfit requires World Adventures

Dean Scatterday is the eldest child of Ainsley and George. He is incredibly boring and loves discussing his financial portfolio or his love of smoke alarms with anyone. Despite being boring, he is quite hilarious.

*Note: The Dean on the Exchange has different hair and clothing than pictured here. This is because my game crashed just after I uploaded him but before I could save. Bah.

Download Dean

Bennie Scatterday – Spare 



Top picture is of Bennie as YA, bottom is Bennie as a teen.

Traits: Loner, Friendly, Neat, Disciplined, Frugal, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Favourites: Indie Music, Goopy Carbonara, Green
Zodiac: Gemini
Spouse: Lorraine Cantina

Bennie is the second son of Ainsley Scatterday and George Dean, and he definitely favours George face-wise. He’s very sweet, but he dislikes large crowds of people and always seems to wake up in the middle of the night to wander around, much to his younger sisters’ chagrin. He wants to make it big in business, and he married the elderly Lorraine Cantina, so sadly no offspring from him.

Download Bennie (Exchange)
Download Bennie (Mediafire)

Alicia Scatterday – Spare



(Both pictures as YA)

Traits: Good, Athletic, Ambitious, Natural Cook, Easily Impressed, Pyromaniac (hidden)
Favourites: Pop Music, Vegetarian Dim Sum, Pink
Zodiac: Scorpio
Spouse: Sherman London

Alicia, the middle child, is sweet but rather boring. She strikes me as the responsible sibling, never getting into trouble, and always having to set a good example. She favours Ainsley a lot, and is the only one of the Gen. 2 kids to not get Ainsley’s hair colour. She is also very athletic, and works out a lot. Alicia got together with Sherman London almost instantly after leaving the legacy house.

Download Alicia (Exchange)
Download Alicia (Mediafire)

Aurora Scatterday – Spare


(As a YA)

Traits: Couch Potato, Genius, Hates the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Heavy Sleeper, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Favourites: Pop Music, Sushi, Pink
Zodiac: Pisces
Spouse: Shen Su
Twin to Auden Scatterday
*- outfit requires World Adventures

Aurora is probably the most boring Sim ever, even though she is quite pretty. She’d probably be more exciting if she had better traits. Aurora spends all her time watching TV, playing video games, or braving the outdoors to stargaze. Thanks to the miracle of Story Progression, Aurora married Shen Su, older brother of her twin’s partner Zhan Su, and she also got a job in the Athletic career track for some reason.

Download Aurora (Exchange)
Download Aurora (Mediafire)

Auden Scatterday – Heiress



(Both pictures as YA)

Traits: Brave, Artistic, Grumpy, Adventurous, Photographer’s Eye, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Favourites: Classical Music, Stu Surprise, Orange
Zodiac: Libra
Spouse: Zhan Su
Twin to Aurora Scatterday
* – outfit requires World Adventures

Grumpy, artsy, hilarious Auden is the second generation heiress to the Scatterday Matriarchy. She’s a blast to play and her grumpy faces are amazing. Auden is an adventurer and has visited Egypt, China and France multiple times. She’s also a fantastic photographer. She was unlucky in love for a bit, but she eventually met the handsome Zhan Su in China and had some cool kiddos with him.

Download Auden (Exchange)
Download Auden (Mediafire)

Generation 3

Cornelius Scatterday – Spare


(As a YA in his formalwear – I have no decent pics of him in his everyday outfit)

Traits: Couch Potato, Excitable, Virtuoso, Workaholic, Clumsy, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden), Asian Culture (hidden)
Favourites: French Music, Orange, Dim Sum
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Spouse: N/A
Twin to Reginald Scatterday
* – Outfits and hair require Late Night and Generations

Cornelius is a quiet guy who loves his work. He hasn’t married yet, though he did have a relationship with an old woman who died like many Scatterday men before him. He is the only member of Gen 3 to look remotely like Zhan, and he has Ainsley’s hot pink eye colour.

Download Cornelius (Mediafire)

Reginald Scatterday – Spare



(Both as a YA)

Traits: Excitable, Friendly, Unlucky, Ambitious, Neat, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden), Asian Culture (hidden)
Favourites: Latin Music, Pink, Vegetarian Fish and Chips
Zodiac: Gemini
Spouse: Cherry Scatterday (previously Kanto-Broke) (deceased); Lawanda Kanto-Broke (Cherry’s daughter; his stepdaughter)
Twin to Cornelius Scatterday
* – Outfits and hair require Late Night and Generation

Reginald is a very sweet, unlucky man. After moving out of the Scatterday legacy home he joined the music career and married the very elderly Cherry Kanto. He was heartbroken when she died, but he soon found love with her daughter Lawanda, much like Woody Allen. Though he may make several poor romantic choices, Reginald is a hairy dreamboat and he has Ainsley’s hot pink eyes like his twin brother.

Download Reginald (Mediafire)

Hortense Scatterday – Spare



(Both as YA; Hortense is in the foreground in the second picture)

Traits: Disciplined, Evil, Genius, Hopeless Romantic, Daredevil, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden), Can Salute (hidden)
Favourites: Egyptian Music, Black, Autumn Salad
Zodiac: Aquarius
Spouse: n/a
* – outfits, hair, and traits require World Adventures, Late Night, Generations

Hortense is an evil, evil, smart, evil girl. She loves setting booby traps and causing harm to people with her intellect. Despite this, she generally means well, and her LTW is to become Super Popular (which is definitely tied to her desire to take over the world). Hortense was not chose for heir because she is a clone of her mother Auden, except for her hair colour which she got from her father Zhan. She is also very close with her cousin Adria (Alicia’s daughter).

Download Hortense (Mediafire)

Griselda Scatterday – Heiress



(Both as YA)

Traits: Virtuoso, Evil, Bookworm, Overemotional, Inappropriate, Pyromaniac (hidden), Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden), Can Salute (hidden)
Favourites: Pop Music, Grey, Hot Dogs
Zodiac: Libra
Spouse: To Be Revealed Soon
* – Hair and outfits require Late Night and Generations

Griselda, like her older sister Hortense, is an evil, evil girl. Griselda’s evil is a little more subtle than that of Hortense, and she prefers using artistic outlets to express all of the evil inside of her. Griselda has written many excellent novels and is working on her painting skill for her LTW (Illustrious Author). Her husband is quite the dreamboat, and they are very happy together, even if her amorous parents can be exasperating.

Download Griselda (Mediafire)

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