Chapter List

I finally realized that I should probably have a complete list of Scatterday chapters, so here it is!

Generation 1: Ainsley

1.1: Desperation
1.2: The Dean Family Trait? Being Useless!
1.3: The Most Difficult Baby of Them All
1.4: Partial Toddler Chaos
1.5: More Baby and Toddler Chaos
1.6: A Barrel of Birthdays
1.7: Charismatic Smooching and Boring Dean
1.9: Mac and Cheese For Days
1.10: Road to Al Simhara
1.11: Transition Oblivion
1.12: Nothing But Skills
1.13: Getting Ready to Pass The Torch

Generation 2: Auden

2.1: Auden Scatterday, Tomb Raider!
2.2: Meet-Cute in Shang Simla
2.3: New Residents, Glitches, and Outbursts of Rage
2.4: In Which Auden Completely Misunderstands the Point of a Matriarchy
2.5: Operation Get Aurora and Shen Together
2.6: Attempted Destruction of the Treadmill
2.7: SuperGrandma and Grown-Up Meals
2.8: Birthdays, Glitching Grills, and a Long-Lost Twin?!
2.9: Were We Cheering for Birthdays and Pee?
2.10: They’re All Just Fish! Fish Happily Eating Up The Bait!
2.11: Pranks and Promfail
2.12: Noping Back to Riverview
2.13: Family Tensions
2.14: Auden’s Not Here, Man
2.15: There Were At Least Fifteen Errors I Didn’t Take Into Consideration When Setting Up the Frogs

Generation 3: Griselda

3.1: The New Heiress Has Landed
3.3: Just Focus On The Cheeseburger
3.4: I Made a Teenage Girl AND an Elderly Man Cry Today! Aren’t You Proud?
3.6: Pregnant Lady Dance Party!
3.7: Soon All Your Candy Will Be Mine
3.8: Mommy’s Having an Existential Crisis
3.9: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!
3.10: There Will Be Jesters and Mashed Potatoes!
3.11: This Isn’t Making Grandma Proud
3.12: Emergency Early Morning Pizza
3.13: That’s What Normal People Do, Right?
3.14: Obligatory Pi(e) Joke

Generation 4: Callie

4.1: Woohoo and the City
4.2: Enter The Bouncer
4.3: I Do Have Muscles, You Know
4.4: Delicious Pancakes
4.5: I’d Rather Rummage Through Your Trash
4.6: Cheese Gave Her Strength
4.7: Okay, Stop. Everyone Go Up A Shirt Size!
4.8: Flopping Around
4.9: It’s Just Instinct
4.10: Go Home, Neighbour Kids
4.11: Pod People
4.12: Manfred the Muttonhead
4.13: Way To Stomp On My Dreams

Generation 5: Natalie

5.1: A Very Mature Pillow Fight
5.2: Never Call Me ‘Wifey’
5.3: Just Drinking and Ruining Everything
5.4: Secret Softie
5.5: He Remembered His Pants

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