The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi! I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by three great simmers: Meg, who writes The Paradis Legacy, velikosmijanje, who writes various Sims stories on their blog, and Sam/somebodysangel13, who writes The Rourke EPIC Legacy, among other challenges. Thank you all! It means a lot, especially since I haven’t been too active on the blog lately.

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Where The Hell Am I?: An Update

Hello! It’s been nearly a month since I last updated the Scatterdays. This feels like a long time to go without an update in the post-grad school era of the legacy, even though I’ve gone six months without updates in the past, so I feel obligated to tell you guys what I’ve been up to.

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I Finally Made a Simself

I broke down and made a Simself. I should probably have one, I guess. I never really got the appeal of them, but seeing them pop up in the Dysfunkshinul Legacy has made me reconsider their hilarity. Anyway, here is my Simself, Emily Whalers. I don’t know if she actually looks anything like me, but damn it, I tried.


Some more information about her and a download link is under the cut.

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Featured Story and Status Update!

Hello everyone! You might be interested to know that The Scatterday Matriarchy was chosen to be one of the Featured Stories of the Month on Boolprop! I even got to give an interview! You can read it here if you want to hear me blather on about things. For those who might not have heard of it, Boolprop is a Sims Forum that is pretty chill. You should check it out if you like Sims and reading about other people’s Sims and whatnot.

Now, about those Scatterdays of mine….look for an update around mid-to-late December. I have to finish a draft of my project by next week and I’ll be finished in early January, so things are still horrible in Whalers-land. I even deactivated my Facebook to stop dicking around so much! Clearly it failed, because in between working on school things I’ve managed to read all of The Maloney WYDC in like two days. You should read it if you like babies and references to A Song of Ice and Fire!

Anyway, regular Scatterday updates will resume soon, and now I need to go crawl in a hole and die do more schoolwork. Hooray!

Important Hiatus Break Post

Hi! As you can guess, since I haven’t updated the Scatterdays since, oh, MARCH, I’m on hiatus! This is for a good reason: I have to finish my MA thesis by mid-August, so I can defend before mid-September to graduate in November. Things are very, very busy for me now.

Buuuut there is something very important all you Sims-loving pals of mine should know! Right now you can get a copy of the ENTIRE Sims 2 game for free from Origin!

Yup, the ENTIRE game: all EPs at least, probably Stuff Packs too.

I’m actually so happy I could cry right now. The Sims 2 is my favourite Sims game – while I also love Sims 3, it’s just not the same – and the fact that I got it all FOR FREE including EPs I couldn’t have before because EAxis/Aspyr hate teh Macz has me all emotional. I mean, I have to get either a Windows PC or put Windows on my laptop via Boot Camp, but IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT.

Anyway, go download some free Sims 2 goodness for yourself!

As for the Scatterdays, as soon as THESIS MADNESS 2014 is finished, I’ll begin updating again. This will probably be sometime in September. I also plan on starting a challenge or two with Sims 2 as soon as I figure out a Windows thingie, but that will also have to wait until September.

Here are some SPOILER-FREE pics of Angelo and Zhan being dinguses in a hot tub from an update that I will eventually publish as an apology for being busy:




See you in September and happy Simming!

A Sim For Everyone!

It’s been a bad week Chez Whalers. My poor old man puppeh passed away on Monday morning, which put a damper on things. He was very old – thirteen and a half – and he had an excellent life, but it still really sucks. A lot. Anyway, when I got home from school on Monday night, the only thing I wanted to do was eat junk food and play the Sims, so I totally did that.

However, I was in no state to play the Scatterdays – I’d have to pay attention, I already have a HUGE post backlog I’m working my way through, and Riverview is getting very glitchy, so I’ll have to move them to another ‘hood before Gen 4 takes over. I decided to make a new Sim to dick around with, and I like her so much that I’m going to share her here!


Meet Daisy Carmichael.

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Oops (Or: I’m Not Dead! Really!)

I meant to have an update ready before Christmas, but that didn’t happen. Between marking exams, taking extra shifts at the wine store I work at, attempting to work on my MA thesis, and rescuing my boyfriend from travel delays and power outages thanks to a nasty ice storm, it just didn’t happen. December was very busy for me!

Anyway, as an apology, have a picture of Zhan in his astronaut suit, which Heather requested a very, very long time ago!


I will try to have an update within the next few weeks, depending on how bloody busy I get. I’ve played way, way far ahead and I have the next update about 25% done, but I just can’t find any *~*inspiration*~* to actually write the damn thing. (Oh shit I have comments to reply to as well oh crap I am so sorry everyone)

I also got a Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon X and Y for Christmas, so I’m in the middle of Pokébinging right now. If any of you play and you want to trade or be Poké friends or something, comment and I can leave you my friend code. I’m playing X now, and I’ll be playing Y whenever I have time for it. I plan on playing Y in French, so if you want some French Pokés we can trade.

TL;DR: I meant to update but got too busy, update hopefully coming within the next few weeks, POKÉMON!!!!!!

*slinks back to Kalos hoping nobody is angry with me*