The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.9: Sparkles Everywhere


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! It’s the final push for SimNaWriMo, and we are at update #6. Let’s see what these wacky Sims will get up to this time!

In the last chapter Elaine was a great big sister, Natalie drank a lot, Elaine and Hector went to prom, and Puzzle gave birth to the final child of this generation, another daughter named Isobel.

After hearing the horrendous sounds coming out of Callie and Heimrich’s en-suite bathroom, the family took refuge in the garage. When they learned that Puzzle had given birth to another healthy baby girl, the crowd went wild.



Now that little Isobel is here, hopefully she’ll get along with her older siblings. This bunch is very cute, unlike most of my other Sims. πŸ˜›

“Hector, my homework is too hard! How can I do math when we have a new baby sister?!”

“Just wait until you’re in high school. I’m doing calculus over here!”


Meanwhile, Natalie had an opportunity to promote one of the local clubs for some Celebrity points, assuming the bouncer would let her through.

“Please sir, I just want to have a single drink, maybe relax and enjoy the ambiance while chatting with the bartender…”

“Oh, this is too fun. I’m not going to stop you, Ms. Scatterday – go on in.”


“Oh, Ms. Scatterday. Welcome! Can I get you the usual double Spline Reticulator?”

“No sir, tonight make it aΒ half.”

“But you usually…”

“I saidΒ half!”

Looks like Nat’s responsible partying conversation with Puzzle last chapter struck a chord.


“Uh…how do you make half of a drink?”

“Oh, come on! No wonder nobody wants to drink at your stupid bar!”


“Oh dear…I hope nobody saw that. That, uh, paparazzo wasn’t in the bushes, was she?”

Oh dear indeed. I think you’re in the clear, Heimrich. Looks like we’ve reached the point where my elders constantly wet themselves.


Heimrich’s not the only Scatterday having a bad day.

“Whee, flying baby! You’re so sweet, Isobel! Uh…oops. Let’s not tell the Moms about that bump on the head, will we?”

I really need to move that light.


Well, looks like the Moms will be busy aging up. Quadruple birthday, anyone?






“Uh…well…what was I doing now…?”

I really think my elders are going senile. Put some clothes on, Callie! At least she’s in a room where it’s generally considered appropriate to be naked.


….yeah, definitely going senile.

“Hey….Mr. Scatterday…don’t you have pants anywhere?”

“Hm? Oh no, I don’t need pants. I’m just relaxing with some TV, I don’t, uh, need pants for that.”

“…I think you do.”


Ah, here’s a nice palate cleanser – looks like these two need to do homework together more often. πŸ™‚


“Worried about aging up, Mom?”

“What? No! Now be a good daughter and drive me to the day spa for whatever youth treatments they can give me.”


Time for the neverending string of birthdays to begin! First up is Rowena, aging into a toddler.


One last adorable toddler look….


…and she pops into childhood!


Next up is Natalie!

“I am so not prepared for this!”


Well, despite not being prepared, Natalie looks strangely at peace with aging up.


Ah, adult birthdays – everyone looks exactly the same, except for terrible hair!


Natalie did get some distinguished lines around her mouth, but other than that no changes (well, none as soon as I got her hair back.)


Mabel is birthday number three! She’s a lot happier about this than Natalie.

“I get to go to school with the big kids!”


More sparkles…


…and…oh dear. Mabel desperately needs a makeover!


She also seems to have turned completely evil.

“Mention my terrible fashion to anyone andΒ I’ll kill you.


Puzzle is last up! If you’re reading through this, I am so sorry that this chapter is just sparkles and horrible fashion. D:


Final sparkles of the night…


…and Puzzle gets the same terrible hair as Natalie, while looking exactly the same.

“I need a hair elastic and some hairspray!”


Anyway, here’s Rowena’s post-makeover look. She rolled Bookworm for her new trait, and her face is much less angular than when she was a toddler.


And here is teen Mabel, who is breaking everything. She’s got the Ambitious trait now, like Elaine. She also looks a lot like Natalie, though her face seems to be a bit softer than Nat’s, so she must have gotten her face shape from Puzzle.




Natalie’s taking some time to adjust to being a full-fledged adult.

“Ugh! I…I…too…old….exercise…”

Oh, you are not. Get up and get those Celebrity points!




“Naked? Oh, I knew I forgot something when I woke up!”

I really, really don’t know why Callie and Heimrich seem to be constantly naked all the time. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Holy crap.


No wonder Elaine is staying at school to do her homework.

“Yeah, my naked grandmother is definitely a distraction. Also, the school is closer to the ocean for fishing!”


Oh good, maybe we’ll get to see some of Mitchell’s spawn!

(We won’t – I don’t know where Christopher the Girl went to.)


“Come on, Isobel! Time for one last breastfeeding!”

Uh…this isn’t the Sims 4, and you didn’t birth her. And now Isobel is choking on your hair! This isn’t being a good parent.


“Hello, children! I am making some delicious, nutritious cheesy mac for dinner! Are you all hungry?”

“Mom, cheesy mac, while delicious, isn’t very nutritious.”

“This one is, Hector! It’s the whole wheat version from the fancy box!”

I think Natalie should leave the homemaking to Puzzle.


Though Puzzle is a bit busy getting promotions and the like. She’s almost at the top of her career!


Naturally, Puzzle decides to go out for a quick fancy drink to celebrate.

“If Nat can do this, I can too!”


“May I please have a glass of your most moderately-priced champagne?”

“Hmph! Drinking champagne on a weeknight. What nerve you have!”

“I…I…just wanted to briefly celebrate my promotion before my daughter’s birthday…”

“Oh, and you’re missing your child’s birthday to drink?! Get out!”

I don’t know who pissed in the bartender’s coffee today, but she was cranky the entire time Puzzle was at the bar. :O Maybe Puzzle should leave the partying to Natalie?


Anyway, time for today’s FIFTH (!!!) birthday – Isobel turning into a toddler!


Aww, isn’t she cute? She looks a lot more like Puzzle than the older kids…which means she’ll probably be a bit more Face One than usual. Obviously, she has Puzzle’s hair, and oddly enough, she’s got Heimrich’s grey eyes! Hooray for no purple eyes!


Here’s Isobel after a makeover, starting potty training already!

“Come on, little one, you can do it! Put your butt into it!”

Uh…at least it works for potty training, which does involve butts?

We’re going to call it here for this update, but first have a couple updates from around Bridgeport:



Aww, Deangelo got engaged! I guess his brief fling with Matilda Smart is over.


He even got a promotion to help pay for the wedding!



Sterling is Josie’s rather…tempestuous…lover, and they’ve been involved in some way pretty much since I moved the Scatterdays to Bridgeport. If Frankie is now involved with him, I expect the shit to hit the StoryProgression fan. Good lord.

Well, that’s it for this chapter of the Scatterday Matriarchy. See you next time, thanks for reading, and happy Simming! πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.9: Sparkles Everywhere

    • Thanks! I finally figured out how to turn on better genetic blending in MasterController (at least I think it’s MasterController) so there are no clones for once! πŸ˜€ I also think Deangelo picked a good mate – they definitely have similar hair interests!

  1. Oh Izzie, you disappoint me with your Face One-ness. At least the other kids are good mixes. Really liking Rowena and Elaine, at this stage.

    LOL at all the naked elders! Mine do that occasionally, I think it might be when they get distracted after showering? Doesn’t explain why the non-elders don’t do it, but hey.

    • Yeah, Isobel is the only one without much of Natalie in her, though I don’t think she’s a complete face clone of Puzzle. Everyone else is a really good mix though – I finally found the better genetic blending MasterController thing you told me about! πŸ˜€

      Oh, being distracted makes perfect sense! Callie is Absent-Minded too, so if I take my eyes off her she’ll be doing the complete opposite of what she should be doing. It never happened with Griselda and Angelo, or any of my other elder couples, which is why it’s so confusing!

      • Yay for genetic blending! It’s totally not cheating to avoid faceclones πŸ˜€
        It seems to happen very frequently with Insane and Absent-Minded sims that they ignore your commands. Worse when they become elders!

      • I don’t consider this cheating at all, especially after multiple generations of face clones! I just couldn’t find the setting for the longest time, then I found it right after Hector was born, but he’s a good mix even without it. πŸ™‚

        Ah, well Callie has both of those traits so of course she’s constantly naked! Heimrich doesn’t have either of those, so he has no excuse. πŸ˜›

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