The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.10: It’s Bonding Time!



“I…don’t know what you want, Isobel…”


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! It wouldn’t be an update from this family without a starving toddler in it! πŸ˜› This is the final day of BoolProp’s SimNaWriMo event, and this update is #7 for the month, which means I’ll wind up with a silver medal! Huzzah! Last time…well, it was pretty much entirely birthdays. Natalie and Puzzle aged into adults, Mabel became a teenager, Rowena became a child, and Isobel here had her toddler birthday!



Looks like Mabel already has a male admirer! Isn’t he cute? I don’t remember his name, but we’ll add him to her list of potential suitors, should she win the heir poll.


Elaine made honour roll, too! These kids are just soΒ good. It’s a huge difference from last generation, with all the pranks and arrests and smooching on Imaginary Friends.


Aww, you take a well-deserved nap, Elaine. She looks so peaceful and content!


While Elaine naps, Natalie continues knocking out Isobel’s toddler training.

“Aww, that’s a good girl! Look at you standing up to Mommy!”


…well, the training went well for a few minutes, at least.

“Hello? Oh hey Mario! No, no, I can talk…what?”


“Oh that’s just Isobel, she was trying to walk…”


Hector decided to work on his logic skill, using the family’s long-ignored telescope.

“Wow, look at how beautiful Saturn looks tonight! I can’t believe I can see it through Bridgeport’s bright lights!”

As someone who also lives in the middle of a big city, I’m amazed you can see anything at all.


Turns out Hector really likes science. πŸ˜›


After her nap, Elaine decided to spend some time bonding with Puzzle.

“I see that blue shell, missy. You better – augh!”

“Hee hee, maybe you’ll get me last time, Mama!”


Callie may have retired from her film career, but she’s still writing away!


Puzzle gave up bonding with Elaine in favour of teaching Isobel to talk. She must have gotten tired of being beaten atΒ Mario Kart.

“Can you say ‘chicken’? Mama is a chicken and doesn’t want to lose to Elaine again…”

“I’m always up for a rematch, Mama!”

“Thanks, Elaine…maybe…never.”


This poor maid. First Beau had to deal with a creepy child wanting to be “friends” with him, then naked Heimrich, and now he’s been cornered by Callie.

“They said I wasn’t famous enough! They said I needed to beΒ more famous, like my daughter! Should I prove them wrong?”

“I…uh….I’m not sure what’s happening…”


Oh great, now the kids are drinking. -_-

“It’s just apple juice! I’m taking a break from fishing up here at Buena Vista resort!”

Ah, I should have known. These kids are just soΒ good!


Mabel spent some time out of the house too, finishing up a bug collecting opportunity she started as a child.

“Hey little dude, want to come with me? We’re going to the Science Centre, and then we’re going to stick our hands in bleach until all the germs are gone!”


Neither Natalie nor Puzzle ended up with a midlife crisis, but Puzzle is still pretty unsure about aging.

“Oh, that line wasn’t there in the morning! Why am I already getting wrinkly while Nat is still beautiful?!”


Aw, what a nice family dinner.

“Thanks for uh, catching this salmon for us, Elaine. It’s delicious!”

“Oh you’re welcome, Grandpa! You made a wonderful meal from it.”

“You think eating salmon will stop the aging process?”

“Unlikely, Mama, though it is full of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids which will…”

“Thank you, Hector. Now, please put your plate on the table. It’s more polite.”


Callie silently rebelled against the salmon but making her own dinner, despite plenty of plates being leftover.

“I’m not eating that! Who knows where Elaine could have gotten it!”

“Grandma, I caught it in the ocean.”

“It could be filled with nanobots! I don’t want them getting me!”


I don’t think that a hot tub is the best place for a Neurotic Sim, given that they tend to be full of germs and the like, but Mabel seems happy enough.

“Ah, so many bubbles! Why isn’t anyone else using this?”

Quick, nobody tell her how many of her relatives have been conceived here.


Isobel’s toddler training is going smoothly. It’s amazing how well things go when you actually pay attention to your spawn!

“Aww, that’s a good girl, Isobel! You’re getting so good at using the potty!”


Isobel is even being fed! It took a lot of work to get her older siblings fed, so they seem to have banded together to stop Isobel from the same fate.

“Here you go, little lady! I know the high chair sucks, but I’ll come get you out theΒ second you are done!”

“Bababa Mabel!”

“Yeah, Mabel, that’s me!”

screen-shot-2015-07-20-at-10-51-01-pm screen-shot-2015-07-20-at-10-51-04-pm

Callie’s not the only one maxing skills! Heimrich maxed his handiness skill, which isn’t surprising given how many times he fixed the dishwasher last chapter. πŸ˜›


Well, we’ve had parental bonding time and various sibling bonding time, so now it’s time for Elaine and Mabel to bond!

“Wow, Hector wasn’t kidding when he said calculus was rough! Have you done calculus yet, Mabel? You might not have gotten there yet and…”

“Mmmm…Elaine, that’s great, but can you maybe do homework somewhere else? I’m trying to sleep here!”


Haha, as if we didn’t have enough birthdays in the last chapter, Hector’s due to age into young adult! The first Generation 6 baby is all grown up! πŸ™‚


Ah, Elaine must have gotten her sleep interrupting skills from Callie.

“My butt….your butt….all the butts…”

“Uh, Callie, uh Sweetheart? Would you mind playing that somewhere else for now?”

“Hmm…maybe I will, Heimie! Maybe I will…”


That’s how Callie wound up playing guitar at the park early in the morning.

“My butt…your butt…all the butts…oh, this is boring! I need to change it up!”


Callie dropped the guitar and started playing synth instead.

“My butt….your butt…all the butts…”

“Hey, lookin’ good, Callie! Great song, too!”

“Why thank you, Mayor Jones. Hey, show up to your own party next time! I heard things from my daughter!”


Aww, time for some grandparent bonding now!

“Grandpa, you’re such a fit guy! Do you have any tips for improving my upper body strength? I need to work on that so I can easily catch larger fish.”

“Well, uh, how much time do you have, Elaine?”

“A lot! I finished my homework earlier and…”

“Good! Let’s, uh, hash out a workout plan. Well, after waffles, of course.”


Oh for fuck’s sake! Frankie already stole Josie’s partner – she’s not stealing Heimrich, too!


I don’t know why Mabel is in Hector’s room (which I didn’t redecorate after Mitchell moved out) to do her homework, but it’s getting results, so I’m not going to stop her.

“Dang, Elaine was right! This calculus crap is near impossible!”


Looks like Heimrich is taking up painting, now that he’s maxed Handiness. And I don’t know why Sugar Bijou is playing synth on the terrace, but hey – maybe Callie inspired her!


Everyone else is busy having a jam session in the basement.

“Aww yeah, time for a drum solo! Hit it, Mabel!”

“You got it!”

“Wow, you girls are great! Maybe I should take you to the park to jam some day…”


“Hey, guys, I don’t want to interrupt the music but…”

“Wow. My, uh, grandson, is going to be an adult!”

“I can’t believe you’re just about to be all grown up! My baby…”


Here’s adult Hector! He…needs a haircut. That emo hair isn’t going to do him any favours in the lab.

Hector adds Great Sense of Humour to his list of traits. He’s going to be an awkward, sweet nerd boy heartthrob, isn’t he? πŸ™‚


Hector will get a makeover and move out in the next chapter, but for now it’s time for a celebratory family dinner, featuring Elaine already in her PJs!

“I’m so proud of all of you kids! You can do anything you want, even being an orchestra conductor! I can’t believe that you were all whining and pooping not too long ago. ”

“Aww, thanks Mom! I think I’ll stick to fishing – isn’t the salmon I caught today delicious?”

“It really is, Elaine. I think I’m going to see about a job at the Science Centre in the morning – I need to start my career!”

screen-shot-2015-07-20-at-11-24-59-pm screen-shot-2015-07-20-at-11-26-08-pm

Looks like the Moms have high hopes for Hector! Hopefully Puzzle won’t be too disappointed in her son becoming a scientist instead of a doctor.





Time for a few updates about Sims around Riverview, then we’ll end the chapter here:


Mitchell earned a promotion! He’s doing very well in his career path, despite his unfortunate face. πŸ˜›




Deangelo is a couple of days younger than Natalie, so he also aged into an adult! He also got married, and now the happy couple are sporting matching pigtails!

That’s it for this update of the Scatterday Matriarchy! Thanks for reading, and happy Simming! πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.10: It’s Bonding Time!

  1. LMAO, a raise in retirement. Nice one, Callie. My insane one wished to get fired from a self-employed job the other day… maybe she wanted to fire herself?

    The teen girls are getting right into their own personalities already. Going to be very hard for Isobel to compete with these two, they’re so different and full of personality.

    • HAHAHA oh Insane Sims! I’m trying to picture a self-employed Sim firing themselves, and it’s very funny. πŸ˜€

      Elaine and Mabel are definitely full of personality – I thought Elaine was kind of boring, the responsible older sister while I was playing, but I’ve really enjoyed writing her and building a weird fish-based personality. We’ll see how Isobel and Rowena compete with them – I’m hoping they’ll grow into their personalities as they get older. πŸ™‚

    • Matching pigtails made me so happy! I have no idea why pigtails are so big in Bridgeport, but I’m actually really loving it! πŸ˜€

      And thank you! I didn’t think I’d make it, but turns out all I had to do was constantly update for three days in a row. πŸ˜›

  2. Callie is rolling the best wishes ever since she became senile.
    Also, I love all the kids (even Hector). They’re sweet. πŸ™‚
    Aaaaaand I’m caught up to your updates! Finally!

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