The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.7: The Finest Young Minds of Bridgeport


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! It’s looking like I’m going to fall short of my SimNaWriMo goal of seven updates in October, but I CAN STILL TRY. This is update number four for the contest, so maybe – just maybe – I can crap out a total of seven updates by Monday.

This time we’re picking up with Elaine’s teen birthday – yup, Elaine, and NOT Mabel as I believe I said at the end of last chapter, I’ve changed it and that’ll teach me to never crap out an update before work again – and it looks like we have some party planning happening.

“We need to have a party, Callie. She’s our oldest daughter! She’s not our little girl anymore!”

“Hmm? Do whatever you want, Puzzle. I’m just enjoying my food!”


…and that’s how Elaine’s party started. We have all the usual suspects here, including an elderly Sugar Bijou, Mitchell, and Josie even decided to make an appearance!

“Thanks for coming, Aunt Josie. You sure this party is to your taste?”

“Well, I don’t care for some of these so-called Celebrity lifestyles, nor that repugnant young man photographing me, but I suppose I’ll survive.”

“Wow, Natalie AND Josie Scatterday in the same picture?! I’m going to make a killing from the tabloids!”

Yes, Mitchell really did do the “Take Photo of Celebrity” to his sister and his aunt. -_-




The other guests included Mario Striker, Caroline Custard, Manfred, and what seems to be paparazzo Becca Bijou hiding in the bushes.

“Hey, guys, do you think someone is watching me?”

“No, Manfred. Now Mario, about that guitar piece…”

“I swear someone is watching me, though!”

Noooobody’s watching you, Manfred. Now, go have a drink and do something valuable…uh, I mean valiant.”

“Wow! Thanks for the advice, talking bush!”


It also looks like Elaine will get to go to prom fairly soon after she ages up!


…and she may have noticed Becca in the bushes. Or Manfred took his pants off after listening to the bush. Or Josie decided to get her flirt on with Heimrich. It could be anything, knowing this bunch.


Well, we might as well cut to the chase, and get Elaine all aged up.


“Mom! That’s too close to my ears!”

“It happens to all of us, Elaine. Just roll with it!”



Time to fistpump in celebration…


…a few sparkles, more loud noises (from Mabel this time)…


….and bam! Teen Elaine! Poor dear, she badly needs a makeover.


Much better! Elaine rolled Adventurous for her new trait, so I gave her kind of a relaxed, sporty look. Something an explorer might wear, or something.

She’s still gorgeous, too!


I also got this pop-up during the party. Apparently Mitchell decided to bail on the party to…go age up himself?  :/


Everyone else seemed to have a good time, especially when some juicy gossip started being tossed around.


Natalie even got some Celebrity advice from Frankie!

“Now Nat, if you want to sell movie tickets, you gotta get weird with it! Make them look at you! Jump around! Have a few drinks!”

“Oh, uh, thanks Aunt Frankie. The paparazzi actually won’t leave me alone….”

“Give them what they want, then! Go wild!”


Well, dubious life advice aside – really, could Frankie give any other kind of advice? – it was a great party!


Heimrich and Mabel finished off the night by bonding over a bit of cake.

“Mmm, good cake. So, uh, Mabel. Do you like…stuff?”

“Yeah. Do you like stuff, Grandpa?”

“Uh, sure.”


Callie even managed to squeeze in a quick feeding for Rowena, while Natalie and Puzzle retired for the evening.

“Oh, look at you eat! You’re going to be a big girl, aren’t you?”


I think Rowena is just eating up in preparation for being a toddler, but what do I know?


Oh good, more paparazzi pop-ups featuring things that my Sims didn’t actually do but which I can definitely see them doing.


Elaine’s first act as a teenager is the very stinky cleaning out of the fridge.

“Ugh, who left this in here? It’s disgusting!”


Elaine’s next act as a teenager is learning how to drive. Naturally, this is taking place in the family’s expensive sports car. Natalie volunteered to teach her, probably because she rolled the wish for it.

“Now, the pedal on the left is the gas…or is that the brake?”

“What? Why don’t you know this, Mom?”

“I’m a Celebrity! I pay people to drive me places! I don’t do it myself anymore!”


They also traded more hot gossip in the car. Frankie, having a party? SCANDALOUS.


Natalie even scored an invite! Sweet.


She even got another Celebrity Star from accepting the invitation! She’s on star four out of five now! Maybe we’ll even finish this LTW one day!  :O


…given this wish and that lovely Stressed Out moodlet, I don’t think Elaine had a good time driving.  :/


Natalie destressed with a bit of help from Puzzle.

At least I *think* that’s Natalie and Puzzle? It could be Callie and Heimrich. I thought I could remember, but I can’t tell just from the legs.  😛


Hector, meanwhile, had a great time snuggling Rowena.  🙂

“Aww, you are such a sweet baby. I can’t believe that you’re going to be a toddler soon! I better snuggle you now while I can.”


Hector is very sweet, and he gets along well with all of his sisters.

“Hec, how do you learn how to drive without getting stressed out?”

“Well…I think you’re always going to get stressed out. You and Mom were out for a few hours. Try shorter lessons, and you’ll probably be able to handle it better.”

“Aww, thanks Hec.”

“No problem. You need help with your homework?”

“…I’m actually playing Freddi Fish…”


Natalie arrived right on time for Frankie’s party, wearing her finest emo-girl striped tights. Then the elevator took forever, because I forgot that Frankie moved into a penthouse.


Oddly, Frankie was nowhere to be found, but Deangelo was available to hang out.

“Still rockin’ the pigtails, eh?”

“Well, you know, I figure that everyone is doing it, so I might as well too, huh?”


Mitchell showed up as well! The party slowly became a mini Scatterday family reunion!

“So…who has the best butt in town? I think Caroline Custard is still rockin’ it.”

“Well, I’m biased, but I’d have to say Puzzle. No other butt is finer. What about you, Deangelo?”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about this. Should I have an opinion about butts?”

What a lovely meeting of the finest young minds of Bridgeport.  -_-


While Natalie’s striped tights were off discussing butts, Puzzle’s striped tights were helping Rowena age up!


…well, here she is. I…uh…not the prettiest, but she looks a lot like Heimrich and Natalie. She seems to have Puzzle’s skin tone and hair colour, along with the purple eyes THAT JUST WON’T DIE.


Rowena looks much better after a makeover, though she seems to be having problems with her peg set. She’ll probably grow into her face as a child and toddler.







Thanks for the unnecessary rimshot, Elaine.

Here are a few quick updates from around Bridgeport before we call it quits:



Josie’s love life continues to be a mess. This is going to go on until she dies, isn’t it?


Hestia did, in fact, have another baby! This popped up just as Elaine’s birthday party ended.


And, finally, Frankie is getting it on with a nice young man. WORK IT, FRANKIE!

That’s it for this update of the Scatterday Matriarchy. Thanks for reading, and happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.7: The Finest Young Minds of Bridgeport

  1. Ugh, I hate those celeb rumours. Some of them are reasonable, like peeing on self or passing out in public. But woohooing with an occult, or having a baby out of wedlock? This from the game who gave us gay marriage long before many countries did… EA makes no sense.

    But glad to see that Nat is making her way up the star ladder. A few more celeb friends might just get her up to the top!

    I always feel sorry for the younger kids in a legacy, often the older ones get all our attention because they’re there and have personalities for a long while before the heir poll. Though I do really like Elaine, I would like to get Puzzle’s hair colour into the family, just for the variety.

    • Yeah, some of the rumours are really out of touch. I like to think my Sims are more progressive than that! I’ve not had the baby out of wedlock just because virtually all of my Sims have been married before spawning (though Hector was conceived before Natalie and Puzzle got married, thanks to Risky Woohoo). I suppose I should download a mod to fix it, but ~lazy~.

      I feel like Nat’s progress is so slow! I really need to get her befriending other local celebrities when I get back in game. She’ll get there eventually, though. 🙂

      I feel bad for the younger kids, too. In this legacy the younger kids outshone their older siblings, but that might not happen this generation. I do try to give everyone some time in the spotlight. And don’t worry, Puzzle’s hair colour will be around (as you probably guessed from later chapters, haha). 🙂

  2. It might be inconvenient, but I always liked those rumors of woohooing occults and having children out of wedlock. It’s realistic. That’s what gossipy people tend to talk about. It’s stupid and not at all progressive, but that’s what happens.

    Reasons behind coding aside, Elaine is gorgeous! But I find myself agreeing with Somebodysangel: Puzzle’s blue hair needs to continue on.

    • Yeah, it is stupid and not at all progressive, but some of the rumours just don’t fit. I grew up in multiple conservative small towns, and nobody gossiped about people having kids without being married. The thing with the Woohooing an Occult rumour that annoys me is that Puzzle and Natalie have been a couple since they were teenagers – of course they’re Woohooing! It’s old news! I just thought my Sims were more progressive than that. I suppose I should get a mod to stop those rumours, but I’m lazy. 😛 I do love the rumours about peeing pants and digging through garbage though!

      Elaine surprised me with how gorgeous she turned out! Luckily Puzzle’s hair popped up on some other kids, so it will be around for the heir poll. 🙂

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