The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.6: Feed Your Children


Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! I may have wasted like…two weeks during Boolprop’s SimNaWriMo event because of real life (that’d be Thanksgiving, a concert, and busy times at work) but we’re still going strong here, and I’m hoping we can finish Generation Five before the end of the month.

Last time all the kids aged up, everyone partied, and Heimrich forgot to put clothes on. Oh, and Natalie found out she was pregnant with her fourth child. She’s now rolling wishes for the correct gender too!


Natalie may be wishing for a girl, but overall she seems to be less enthusiastic about this pregnancy than before.

“Four kids. FOUR KIDS. I’m…I’m not prepared for this.”

Don’t worry, Nat, I’m sure your parents will help out.


Well, Callie won’t help right now. She’s still celebrating achieving her Lifetime Wish and winning a Simmy award!

“I won! I’m the best!”

“I know, I know, but we’re closing the theatre for the night ma’am, and I’ll need you to go home!”


So Callie took her celebration home, tormenting her family in the process.

“Elaine, you know Grandma’s the best, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know you won the Simmy award. Did you meet any famous fish at the ceremony?”

“I…uh…famous fish?”

“You know, like Dory or Nemo!”


Despite her reservations about having a fourth child, Natalie really is a good mom. Look at her, teaching Mabel how to walk in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep!


However, Natalie can be a tad forgetful at times.



Uh, forgetting someone Natalie?

“Hmmm? No, baby needed an omelette.”

Great. Let’s hope someone remembers to feed Mabel before she’s snatched away by the Social Worker.


At least she’ll be more self-sufficient soon. :/


Mabel may be able to feed herself, but she’ll be much harder to snuggle, much to Hector’s chagrin. Isn’t this an adorable wish?!  🙂


Speaking of adorable things…old men playing hopscotch: adorable, or sad?

“I have, uh, many grandchildren who would love to beat me at this game! I need to hone my skills.”

Of course.


Okay, if elderly men playing hopscotch isn’t your thing, what about elderly men making hamburgers?

“Hey, someone has to feed my grandchildren. Nobody else in the family seems to be able to do this.”


Well, Heimrich’s not wrong. Apparently Nat’s parenting skills involve teaching her kids how to walk, and not much else.

“Yay Mabel! You did it, you walked to Mommy!”

“I eat food now?”

“No, not yet, but we’ll feed you soon!”


Meanwhile, the older kids are hard at work.

“Come on, Elaine. If we finish our homework, I’ll make some mac and cheese for us!”

“Oh, I finished my homework ages ago. Now I’m learning about the best bait to use if you want to catch a tuna!”

“I…uh…you can’t catch a tuna, Elaine.”

“Well, maybe I can when I learn what they like!”


Perhaps Mabel will join her older sister on fishing trips, since she’s aging into a child now!


Uh…thanks for the photobomb, Heimrich.

“No problem. I knew everyone wanted to see my butt.”

I think we all saw way more of you than we wanted to in the last update. -_-


Despite Heimrich’s butt being in the way, Mabel aged up nicely! Her new trait is Neat.


Mabel promptly moves out of the nursery and into Angelo and Griselda’s old bedroom. Since she and Angelo both love Turquoise, I didn’t have to redecorate much. /lazy Simmer is lazy


Hmm, it seems like Hector is less than pleased about his new sibling.


“Oh yeah, my moms are the worst! Always having new kids and…what, why did I really call you? Why, I’m quitting my job, of course!”


Yeah, Hector rolled a wish for a crappy teen job. He went to one shift, then came home and complained about being overworked, so I let him quit. The family doesn’t need money, despite Natalie not actually working and farting around town all day trying to be a Celebrity.


…though maybe getting some people out of the house would be a good idea. Boundaries are constantly being broken.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Mabel, I’ll be right out…”

“Ew, Mama! Get out of here! I’m a big girl now, and I can take a shower by myself!”


Even the paparazzi are breaking boundaries! Becca Bijou STILL loves swimming in the family’s pool!

“Aww yeah! Feel those beats, baby? We’re a party family!”

“Hmm, should I be getting this on camera?”


I eventually booted Natalie out of the house for an afternoon. She played piano in one of the Bridgeport subway stations.

“Ugh, that was awful. Someone threw a coffee at me!”


She did manage to make a little bit of cash, coffee incident aside.


…and then she promptly went and spent all her money booze! -_-

“What’ll ya have, ma’am?”

“Just a small Bad Referee, please. Light on the alcohol, I guess.”

“Uh…okay…what’s that again?”

“A small Bad Referee.”

“…and what is in it?”

I think the poor bartender has dementia. Bridgeport really needs a mandatory retirement age!


“Here ya go! I think this is what you ordered.”

“At this point, I don’t care as long as it’s drinkable.”


At least the senile bartender was nice enough to give Nat a discount.  :/


“Oh god! What the fuck was in that drink?!”


Nothing wrong with the drink, thankfully. The baby is just on the way!


Natalie waddled her way over to the hospital, but Puzzle was a bit held up at the office.




She was held up for good reason, of course – she finished an opportunity, got a raise, AND published a groundbreaking piece, so we’ll let it slide for now.  🙂


Puzzle eventually did make it to the hospital, and shortly after she and Nat had their fourth child and third daughter, Rowena!

Rowena is Disciplined and Artistic, and her favourite colour is Green. I am a bad Simmer, and I can’t recall her favourite food or music, nor her Zodiac sign at the moment. I’ll double check everything before the heir poll, which I *will* eventually get around to posting…one of these days…*sigh*.


Everyone was pleased that Rowena’s birth went well.

“…and then I started to push and ACKPFTHPBBTB!”

“Baby talk? I’m, uh, out of here.”

“Mom, slow down and chew your food! Then go to bed! You had a long day, and you need some rest.”

“Hector’s right, Nat. Go get some rest! We’ll clean up, and I’ll help Mabel with her homework.”


Natalie did as she was told, but she needed to make a quick stop before hitting the hay.

“Aww, there’s my sweet Rowena. Mommy love you very much! Maybe I’ll even remember to feed you!”


…and suddenly Elaine is due to age up? Into a teenager?! WHAT.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it here for now as I have to dash to work. It’s a bit of a shorter chapter, but it still counts for SimNaWriMo, so the original second half of this update will just become its own chapter. Before we go, here are a few updates from around Bridgeport:





…Actually, the same goes for Mitchell. I think this is also his fourth child.


Deangelo didn’t have a baby, but he did get a promotion! Good for him.

That’s it for this short update of the Scatterday Matriarchy! Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!  🙂

2 thoughts on “The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.6: Feed Your Children

  1. Aw, the kids are growing up so fast! Maybe Nat will be more affectionate with them once they’re teens and can do things with her? Though (hopefully) not drinking things. But teens can go clubbing…before curfew. I’ve never tried Nat’s LTW, looks like it’s a tough slog to get to the top of the celebrity heap.

    • I think Natalie got some of Heimrich’s awkwardness around small children. Everyone is growing up fast, so I think she’ll stop the awkwardness soon! I’m sure the teenagers will start drinking soon – I know Manfred started drinking when I left him on free will, but these kids are much less…Insane than him. 😛 I thought Nat’s LTW would be easier than it is. The last two star levels are VERY hard to get through. I know you get Celebrity points for being friends with other Celebrities, so Natalie is going to be doing a lot of socializing until she makes it to the top. 😛

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