Where The Hell Am I?: An Update

Hello! It’s been nearly a month since I last updated the Scatterdays. This feels like a long time to go without an update in the post-grad school era of the legacy, even though I’ve gone six months without updates in the past, so I feel obligated to tell you guys what I’ve been up to.

Things What I’ve Been Doing Since Mid-May:

  • Working the night shift. Yup, my shift at work changed! Now I’m up all night and sleeping all day (well, usually until about 3-4 pm) and time has no meaning anymore. It’s put me in a weird mood that isn’t conducive to legacy writing. I work longer shifts so I only work four days a week, but as a result I’ve been trying to spend my days off and my waking hours with my boyfriend and my friends, so that my social life doesn’t completely suffer. It’s been a weird transition, and hopefully I’ll be on some sort of a regular schedule soon.
  • Speaking of my social life not completely suffering, my friend got married last Saturday! It was a lot of fun and a busy few days, especially since we had to travel a little bit and my sleep schedule was even more destroyed because I had to be on a normal people schedule and not a batshit night shift schedule. Also, the internet at our hotel sucked so even if I had time to work on a legacy update, it would have been eaten by the bad internets demons.
  • Spending time outside and in the sun, covered with a healthy dose of sunscreen because I am the palest person ever. I know I could update the legacy while sitting outside, and I plan to do that at some point! Usually when I’m sitting outside now I’ve just woken up and my brain isn’t functioning. (Also, please don’t tell a pale person they need to get a tan. According to my boyfriend’s family I am a disgusting freak who needs a tan for some reason? They wouldn’t fucking shut up about it. I am incapable of tanning unless I have a serious sunburn first, and serious sunburns = skin cancer!!!!1!! which I am desperately trying to avoid.)
  • Reading books! Yeah, I haven’t been able to read books for funsies since…2008, which was pre-university for me, so I’ve been doing a lot of that. Reading on my patio in the sun while covered in sunscreen to maintain my ghostly paleness is very nice.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. No legacy hiatuses or anything here, just a lot of things and adjustments happening. Next weekend my boyfriend will be out of town on a couple of my days off, so I’m planning on an update then! Also oh shit I have so many comments to respond to! Sims blogging is hard work! Thanks for sticking around though, and do know I appreciate every single like and comment even if I can’t respond in a timely fashion. 🙂 ❤

10 thoughts on “Where The Hell Am I?: An Update

  1. Night shift?! O_O I’d die! Though four work days is amazing! I’ve got that myself and am loving it! 😀

    I personally can’t sympathize on the paleness front (though your boyfriend’s family sound weird and somewhat rude). I’m usually golden brown in the summertime and only ever burn across my nose, right below my glasses. My boyfriend’s irish pale, though. He burns while sitting in the shade!

    Glad to hear from you and I’m looking forward to a return of the Scatterdays! Don’t worry too much and enjoy summertime! ^_^

    • Eh, it’s not that bad. The hours can stink at times (I basically can only do things on my three-ish days off) but it’s quiet and a lot more relaxed than the day shift. I’m still getting used to sleeping during daylight hours though. D:

      My boyfriend’s family are actually pretty cool, paleness jabs aside. I haven’t seen them much recently, due to the night shift, but I plan on telling them off if they complain about my paleness again. 😛 I’m sure I can figure out how to get a sunburn in the shade, like your boyfriend. I pretty much slather myself in SPF 50+ from April until oh…October or so.

      Scatterdays will be updated again, hopefully soon! I’m hoping I can work on an update tomorrow on my night off. Not much to do when my boyfriend’s asleep and I have to stay up until 5 am to not wreck my sleep schedule. 😛

  2. Sympathise with the paleness/sunburn, I’m very similar. And what makes it worse is that my dad’s side of the family is South American, so they tan really easily.

    No worries with the break, enjoy your nice weather! We’ll be around when you come back 🙂 Also, reading for funsies is the bestest thing eva, I have spent many a sunny afternoon away from the computer (albeit reading a Kindle) knee deep in zombie apocalypses or murder mysteries.

    • Aww yeah, pale and sunburn-prone people unite! Half of my dad’s family is darker than me (my grandmother is Québecois with possible Aboriginal ancestry way back) so my cousins tanned while I just burned. FUN. 😦

      I guess I’m still on a break, but I have been enjoying nice weather when I’m awake to enjoy it! I really missed reading for fun in school, so it’s been great to slowly get back into it. 🙂 I do plan on working on an update tomorrow night too!

  3. I hear this! I’m ready to jump in and read any time you have the resources to post. Or, well, I will jump in with whatever life resources *I* have, which haven’t been much recently, as evidenced by all the posting I have done.

    We’re in this for the long haul.

    • I honestly thought I could play and post like two generations this year. HAHA NOPE.

      I’m slowly getting back silliness resources to post, though. I’m planning on working on an update tomorrow night – it’s my night off of work, and I have to do something quiet while my boyfriend sleeps and I have to stay up until 5 am.

      I hope I can finish the Scatterdays…well…sometime before their tenth legaversary. I swear it will happen one day!

  4. I know you are very busy at the moment, but if you get the time at any point, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

  5. I still haven’t read all of your story but I intend too since it is immensely fun, I love the crazy and inappropriate Scatterday women and their goofy husbands. I have also nominate you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

    • Aww, thank you so much! I’ll take a look at that and post my answers sometime tomorrow. Take all the time you need to catch up with the legacy! The Scatterdays aren’t going anywhere! 😀

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