The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.2: Never Call Me ‘Wifey’



Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! Last time Natalie here took over as heiress for Generation Five, she and her girlfriend Puzzle graduated, and the happy couple were plagued by various celebrity scandals. Callie and Heimrich also aged into elders. Looks like today we’re starting off with an angry Nat taking out her frustrations on the drums. Why is she angry?

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.03.47 AM



…yeah, I installed Woohooer for these two. Adopted kids are fine, but I like my heirs to have biological spawn running around.


Ever the opportunist, Callie grabbed the drum set while her daughter ran off to puke her guts out.

“Hey, it’s not like I have a lot to do anymore! I am an elder, after all!”

…she still hasn’t completed her LTW. D:


After barfing, Natalie thought that getting out of the house was a good idea, so she went to play bass outside the local Business Factory.

“Nice bass line kid! It’s going to help me get through all these meetings today!”

Yup that’s Heimrich heading into work with pigtails. I thought I’d fixed his hair for all his outfits, but I guess I forgot to change it for his work uniform.

I also believe that’s an elderly Kai Leiko flirting with an Egyptian tourist in the foreground. As if this picture didn’t have enough going on already.


Naturally, nauseous Nat’s bass also attracted the paparazzi.

“Oooogh, maybe this was a bad idea. The sea air is making me queasy…”

“Oooh! Barf into the camera for me, Nat!”


“Why am I not playing drums anymore?”

Callie needs to finish her LTW before she croaks, so she gets to stop playing drums and write a screenplay to boost her Writing skill and job performance.

“No fair! What will I even write about?!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.15.53 AM

She eventually had some inspiration after wasting three hours by looking at thousands of pictures of garden gnomes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.16.42 AM

Looks like Heimrich wasn’t lying about Natalie’s bass helping him through meetings. This promotion means that he’s topped the Business career!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.16.49 AM

Puzzle also gets a promotion!


Natalie doesn’t get a promotion, but she does get a drink.

“Woo! Okay, so like I gotta shake up the juice real good so it can settle your stomach, and then I’m totally going to add this syrup and…”

“How many of these have you consumed today?”


Manfred also gets a promotion of sorts, because he’s due to age into a Young Adult!


…he’s not going to survive after I boot him out of the house, is he?


“I shouldn’t be doing this on an empty stomach….”


HOLY CRAP. Manfred went from wiry but kind of muscular to FUCKING RIPPED. Heimrich’s gift to the legacyΒ appears once again!

His final trait is Charismatic. He didn’t roll a LTW when he was teen, so I picked the first option available to him, and…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.22.46 AM

This can’t possibly go wrong, can it?


“Time to go extinguish the nanobot horde! The taxpayers are going to love that!”

After a quick makeover and getting his Kyle Bradway hair back, Manfred is off to bigger and better things!




After that incident with the drunk bartender, Natalie decided to change bars and see if she could get a better drink elsewhere.

“…okay, so I’ll just mix these and throw it like so and…oh, I spilled it everywhere.”

“I’m never going to get a complete drink, am I?”

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.35.54 AM

I don’t know why this pop-up amuses me so much, but I guess this is what Heimrich does if he’s left to his own devices.


Natalie gave up on ever getting a decent drink, but her midnight snack was interrupted by something…

“This feels weird.”


“Uh…what? I’m pregnant?”

SHOCKER. Generation Six is on the way!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.37.22 AM

She even rolled a wish for the right sex! πŸ˜€

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.37.53 AM

Uh, no, now is not the time for that, Puzzle.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.42.47 AM

That’s better. We have to have one of those around here somewhere.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.43.05 AM

…huh, I guess they aren’t technically married. I suppose we should do something about that.


“Alright, little buddy, we’ve got to go ask your Mama a very important question.”

So far it looks like Nat inherited Callie’s tiny preggo stomach. She looks completely normal here, but she isn’t too far along, so that could change.


“So…Puzz…I think you figured it out by now, but I’m pregnant.”


“Really? I just thought you were sick, but I had my suspicions. Is it…my baby too? Like biologically?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve never been with anyone else, Puzz. I’m not sure how it happened. Is it because you’re an Imaginary Friend?”

“Oh, who cares! We’re having a baby! That’s amazing!”


“I’m so glad you’re happy, Puzz! I love you!”

“And I love you too, Nat! I can’t wait to meet our little one!”


“…I also have something else I need to ask you.”

“Oh? What are you doing?”


“Puzzle, I’ve loved you my entire life and I…uh…shit, it’s getting away from me…”


“…there we go. Puzzle, will you marry me?”

“Oh my god, Nat! Yes! Yes!”


“I can’t believe that we’re engaged! Where did you get this ring?”

“Oh, it’s my….great-great grandmother’s ring. It’s been passed down to each heiress, and while Mom didn’t exactly give it to me, I knew where to find it.”


“Ah! It’s so beautiful! Oh my god we’re going to be wives!”

“Yay…ugh…hold on, I feel like I gotta barf again.”


“Oh Nat! I’m going to a wife and a mom! This is perfect!”

“Aww, I’m glad you’re happy, Puzz. You’re going to be a great Mama!”


The happy couple kept their news quiet for a few hours, until Callie found herself enjoying some more bass as Nat played, oddly in the workout room instead of the music room.

“Nice song, Nat. Hey, what was all that squealing earlier? It sounded like an excited chipmunk on helium.”

“Oh…that. Well, I suppose I have to tell you sometime…”


“So….I’m pregnant!”

“YOU’RE pregnant?!”


“…and before you ask, yeah Puzzle’s the…father? Other parent? We don’t know how it happened, but it might have something to do with her being my Imaginary Friend. Anyway, you’re going to be grandparents. Oh, and I also asked her to marry me. So…the squealing was all because of…that.”

“Cool! Wanna jam?”

“As long as I can play synth.”


Well, as far revealing dramatic life decisions to your parents go that was anti-climactic. Not that I’d expect anything else from Callie.


Heimrich reacted similarly when he heard the news after returning from the Business Factory.

“Huh, grandparents. Never thought that would happen to me. Should give them a book or something?”

“Nah, but we do have to be prepared, Heimie! Remember how we foisted childrearing on my parents after the kids were born? We’re going to have help Natalie and Puzzle out too!”

“Dang. Well, should we, uh, enjoy some alone time before the baby comes?”


I certainly hope they put some fresh chlorine in there.


“Morning, Nat! How are you feeling?”


“Yeah, your belly is pretty big now. Our child will be here soon!”


“Yeah…hey Puzz, I was wondering…I know parties are great and all, but do you really want a wedding party? I kind of want to be married before the kid gets here…”

“Aww, we don’t need a party, Nat! We can get married right here, just the two of us!”


“Well, in that case…I, Natalie Scatterday, take you, Puzzle Scatterday, to be my lawfully wedded wife…”


“….and I, Puzzle Scatterday, take you, Natalie Scatterday, to be my lawfully wedded wife…”


“…are we married now? Do we need a witness?”

“Nah, I think we’re good, Nat.”

“Okay, by the power vested in me, I declare us to be married! We may now kiss each other!”


“You don’t have to tell me twice to kiss my wife!”


“I may never stop kissing you now, wifey!”

“I’m fine with that Puzz, as long as you never call me ‘wifey’.”


In the span of about fifteen minutes, they went from engaged to married to successfully consummating the marriage. Efficient!


It did mean another chill life decision reveal to the parents, though.

“Hey Dad, we got married this morning.”

“That’s nice, Nat. Baby here yet?”


“Ah well, it’ll come.”


I get the feeling that Nat is over pregnancy by now.

“Hey baby, I wrote a song for you. It’s called ‘Get Outta My Uterus’ in D Minor.”


Puzzle decided to get some bonding time with her mother-in-law.

“Oh, should we cook that when the baby comes?”

“Well, we don’t have a smoker…or an abattoir…and the baby wouldn’t be able to eat it for a while…”

“Hmm…I think I’ll make it for the baby anyway!”


Heimrich was left on his own again, which meant swimming in the most inconveient to photograph part of the pool.

“Haha yeah!”


Natalie treated herself to a nice massage at the day spa, hoping to stave off some of that pregnancy back pain, when…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.27.15 AM

…yeah, BABY. I do like how Nat ignored her labour pains because of the massage and because she finally had an audience for her bass playing!


“Alright folks, gotta cut this show short. I have to push a baby out of me.”

“That’s fine with me, I’m a little tired…”

“Wait, a baby?!”


“Ooooh. Yeah. Ow. Baby. Coming.”




“Oh, cool your jets, people. Women in my family have been birthing babies after driving themselves to the hospital for generations!”




Nat happily abandoned her…uh…adoring public and made it to the hospital in one piece. Puzzle soon followed!


I think she’s excited to be a mom. πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.29.03 AM


I thought we’d get a girl on the first try thanks to Nat’s wish, but I guess not. 😦


Anyway, meet the first member of Generation Six! This is Hector Scatterday. He’s Clumsy, like his Mom Nat, and a Genius. He likes Hip Hop Music, Mac and Cheese (also like Nat!) and the colour Violet (sort of like Nat). He is a Libra.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.29.37 AM

“Okay, baby’s out, let’s party!”

I couldn’t agree more, Nat! But we have to end this update sometime. Before we go, a few snippets of news from around Bridgeport:

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.46.32 AM

Hector will have a little cousin soon! This baby will be about a day younger than him. I also hope this baby looks like its mom. :/

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.51.19 AM

Deangelo seems to be more like his mom every day. I guess he got the hidden Pyromaniac that dates back to George!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.08.02 AM

And Josie is still fighting with her boy toy. Nothing new here.

That’s it for this round of the Scatterday Matriarchy! Thanks for reading and…wait, are we forgetting something…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.30.09 AM


Anyway, thanks for reading and happy Simming! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “The Scatterday Matriarchy 5.2: Never Call Me ‘Wifey’

  1. LMAO, excited chipmunk on helium. That is forever going to be my imagination of Puzzle’s voice now, kind of like Bernadette from BBT. Also, epic ring-fumble shot, well done!

    LOL, Manfred wants to lead the world. The boy who can’t figure out how to feed himself. It’s like RL politics in your game!

      • Aww thank you! πŸ™‚ I gotta see what this is all about (and catch up with the Rourkes, I seriously need a reading list to organize my legacy/challenge reading D: )

    • Ugh no, not that horrid show! D: Sorry…my hatred for that “comedy” knows no bounds. When you entire extended family quotes it at EVERY family gathering it grates on you. And when you make any legitimate criticism about it you’re “mean” and “no fun” and a “hipster snob.” I imagine Nat and Puzzle’s voices to be like Nicky and Morello from Orange is the New Black (Nat is Nicky, Puzzle is Morello). I also have voices in mind for Callie and Heimrich, but I won’t bore you with those, haha. πŸ˜› I’m actually pleased I got the ring-fumble on camera! I didn’t think it would turn out as great as it did. I’m not pleased with the weird shadow over Puzzle’s face though.

      I’m sure there’s some American politics joke about Manfred wanting to rule the world while not knowing where the fridge is. Thaaaat’s politics! πŸ˜‰

      • I’m a notoriously hard marker on “comedies”, but BBT is the only (current) comedy show that I like. Grating laugh track aside, I find most of the storylines and characters funny…but no issue if you don’t, we all have our own opinions.
        OITNB, on the other hand, we can agree is awesome. Good to know the voices, now I can hear them when I read πŸ˜€

      • Awesome, I’m glad you like OITNB! πŸ˜€ I am very picky with my TV choices, especially comedies. I’ve gotten into Brooklyn 99 recently, and I also love Bob’s Burgers and BoJack Horseman, but they are definitely not for everyone. πŸ˜€

    • I always get boys when I need girls. MY game just loves torturing me. πŸ˜› I don’t have a naming theme for this generation – just random names that sound a little different than past heiress names, I guess. (Not that Hector’s name counts for that, ha.)

  2. Whooooo I’m all caught up! Puzzle and Natalie are so cute together, I hope they have lots of little blue haired little ones.

    • Yay for being caught up! Almost two months later, and you’re still caught up because I’m a failure at updating. (Adulthood blows at times, kids.)

      Puzzle and Nat have a bunch of cute kids to come, and hopefully you’ll like them too! πŸ˜€

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