I Finally Made a Simself

I broke down and made a Simself. I should probably have one, I guess. I never really got the appeal of them, but seeing them pop up in the Dysfunkshinul Legacy has made me reconsider their hilarity. Anyway, here is my Simself, Emily Whalers. I don’t know if she actually looks anything like me, but damn it, I tried.


Some more information about her and a download link is under the cut.


I gave her a dinosaur shirt and kitty PJs because those things are awesome. (I actually own multiple dinosaur shirts and kitty PJs in real life.)


Here’s a slightly better look at her face.

Alright, here’s some more information about her.

Traits: Absent-Minded, Good Sense of Humour, Perfectionist, Overemotional, and Clumsy. I did the best I could with my EP setup, but I really do forget shit, attempt to be funny, take forever to do things because I panic about messing them up, cry over useless crap, and constantly drop things in real life. If you have the University Life EP, I strongly recommend editing her and giving her the Avant-Garde trait in place of either Perfectionist or Absent-Minded. Enthusing about obscure music, critiquing various works of art, and condescending the mainstream is pretty much all I do.

Favourites: Indie Music, Falafel, and the colour Yellow. If you don’t have World Adventures, give her Fish and Chips, Sushi, or any of the spicy Supernatural foods instead.

Zodiac: Aquarius. It’s…it’s just where my birthday falls.

Custom Content: Emily Whalers is packed with a couple of pieces of CC. I’m pretty sure her hair is this old retexture from Beaverhausen. If you can’t load that specific hair in your game for whatever reason, any hair that is around shoulder length with bangs of some sort will do. I believe her everyday shirt is from here, and if it doesn’t show up just throw some sort of shirt on her. I’m not too picky about that. Her formalwear also comes from Generations, so switch that up to some sort of knee-length, vaguely 50s-ish dress if you’re missing that EP.

Feel free to plunk her in your town and have her wreak havoc. You can download Emily Whalers here. (She’s uploaded as Emily Whalers 1 because I forgot to put makeup on her the first time I tried to export her.) Let me know if there’s a problem with her – I’ve played her for about a day in my game, and she’s worked well.

Oh, and I’m going to try to publish another Scatterday chapter in the next week or so, since I finally have a bit of downtime!!! WOOT.

4 thoughts on “I Finally Made a Simself

  1. I love simselves! I can’t say whether it looks like you, but it certainly looks like a real face and not an EA creation.

    I drop simselves into my game and report on their lives. They usually do something funny. And at least as importantly, NRaas StoryProgression helps them breed interesting faces for my town.

    • I just realized that nobody in the Sims community except for like one person has ever seen my real face, so nobody can really tell me if she looks like me. Good thinking, me! >_>

      I may have to drop some Simselves into the Scatterday ‘hood if I move them again. I’m all for more silliness and interesting faces in my game!

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